About Us


The Internet age has brought a number of technological advances and has changed the way in which the world operates. And although most of these changes have been positive, there are drawbacks to our advancement. Online privacy is now one of the largest concerns in today’s age. There is so much information, personal information out there that one needs to be smart about how they protect it. This is where we come in.

Not only do we offer the lowest prices on web hosting, but also the highest levels of encryption and security to help keep your data safe. Security is such a large concern that it is almost always being talked about and has even recently become a federal case.

Keep your identity safe

Many people do not even realize the amount of information out there for the taking, and even fewer still realize how easy it is for some people to get their hands on it. Even the best encryption can be vulnerable to breach, which is why security is the number one thing out company focuses on.

In addition to having the fastest servers, our levels of security are of the utmost importance, and we do our best to ensure that your data and information can only be touched by you. We understand that in this new age, there is nothing more important than protecting our customers, and we continue to do this by innovating our encryption software and updating our server security daily in order to stay ahead.